How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Discuss everything Erich von Däniken related here: Chariots of the Gods, his books, appearances, etc. Have you ever met EvD in person? When? Where? Share your story/photos here!

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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby kcanmoore » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:45 pm

Hi all! I personally became interested in EVD because I was shopping with my mom (I was 8) in a bookstore that was featuring "Chariots of the Gods?" in the front window. She was looking for romance/mystery so I went to the display and read the covers and the inside summary. I was instantly hooked and begged her to buy it for me. She asked the sales clerk when the paperback might come out and was told in about three months, so she actually paid full price- something like six or so dollars- quite a bit in 1970! After I finished reading it, she read it and became hooked on his works as well. We have every book written by EVD and have read each on multiple times. I would love to meet him.

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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby Regulus » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:49 am

My interest in Mr.Eric started by watching ancient aliens and thought it was fascinating how many people had the same ideas I’ve had for years. Now I wonder, ‘how can this be’ I seriously thought I was alone in these thoughts. Well, what I mean is, why is it sooo important to me, like an obsession, and its been this way for years. I only recently started watching the show in 2011. I don’t watch tv so when I did it was all about documentaries, I had no Idea till 2011. It was just this year that I started networking though facebook. And through that, I found Legendary Times Magazine Global Community Network, what a blessing. Mr. Erich von Dankiken's has gone out to prove his hypothesis and with having a compelled vision. Though dedication is why I admire him so. If I could, I would be right there with him. Many have the passion to wonder and hypothesize but the dedication to field is also the key to his success and his commitment shows. What an awesome guy.
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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby shadowland55 » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:14 pm

My interest in the whole UFO mystery began when I was a kid watching the Saturday matinee at the movies the old Flash Gordon serials and with the then magazine Flying Saucers by Ray Palmer.
then those fantastic magazine covers from Popular Science and Popular Mechanics showing how we would be living in the future in large cities under huge glass domes ( which no one ever explained how we would clean those domes from the inside ) and the space ships sitting on their tails at space ports waiting to launch and fly to our moon bases again to cities under glass domes constructed in craters over the moon. and also all those pocket books telling of UFO'S and hoe people who were said to have been abducted by aliens and some of the written descriptions of some of those aliens prompted me to make small figures of the aliens based on what was written in those books and years later had them displayed at the first UFO convention held in NYC in 1967 which I have photos under how it all began for me elsewhere on this forum.
It was around this time 1969 that I found the book Chariots Of the gods that my interests had been expanded from reading EVD's fine work about ancient astronauts visiting our planet centuries ago, ever since then reading the other books by EVD and along now with the ancient alien videos it's truly a great time to be alive. but not everything that's in those books do I accept as there are things that I believe our ancestors could have done without any help from an advanced visiting alien race, mankind has always proven that he can do marvelous things on his own but when it came to lifting those huge stone blocks for the temples and other massive structures then I say I believe there was some kind of intervention on behalf of those visitors from the stars.I just hope that
more Ancient Alien shows have EVD and maybe an whole episode just on EVD and his discoveries only in more detail and explanation, and thank you Mr Von Daniken for being a participant in the Ancient Aliens series. Fred

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Re: How did your interest in EvD first come about?

Postby pranzatella » Thu May 23, 2013 5:52 pm

I read most of "Chariots of the Gods" back a few years ago. I remember watching Ancient Aliens on TV and thankfully they made a reference to this book. I searched everywhere where I live and could only find 1 bookstore with 1 copy. All of the other popular book stores gave me a strange look and said they had to order it. After reading what I did I started to have an understanding of Ancient Aliens. I am very glad I got involved with these stories and can't believe how it makes you take another look at history and current events. Thank you EVD for your hard efforts and research.

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