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:: News Headlines
·Genesis Project: Should We ’Gift’ the Cosmos With Life?
·Did Paleoamericans Reach South America First?
·LIVE Stream: October 15th, 2016: Erich von Däniken LEGACY NIGHT, London, UK
·The Next Stage of Evolution: How Will the Human Species Evolve?
·Why are we now? Researchers suggest life on Earth may be early in cosmic terms
·NASA Just Confirmed That Earth Has A New “Mini-Moon”
·A Workshop on Searching for Life Across Space and Time
·If "Planet Nine" Exists, Our Solar System Could be Doomed
·Physicist finds entanglement instantly gives rise to a wormhole
·Will the ’Great Attractor’ Eat Our Galaxy?

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Fingerprints of the Gods?
Fingerprints of the Gods?
It seems amazing that with Abu Ghourab being generally accesible to tourists nobody seems to have ever become interested in those very peculiar markings on one of the solitary blocks. What precisely is it? Could it be that it is Nature's own working? But WHY does it clearly remind an imprint of a gigantic hand (4 fingers)? And how is it possible to imprint anything in STONE? Could it be that this was no ordinary stone, after all, but rather a stone pulp? Could giants have lived in ancient Egypt?
Photographer: Wojciech Bobilewicz
Location: Egypt
Grand Gallery
Grand Gallery
The Grand Gallery inside the Khufu-Pyramid.
Photographer: Tatjana Ingold
Location: Egypt
Great Mystery of Giza
Great Mystery of Giza
This is the picture of me first visiting Egypt to see the Great Pyramid. I hope you like it ;)
Photographer: Adam Ostrowski
Location: Egypt
Great Pyramid
Great Pyramid
Great Pyramid in Gizeh (Cairo)
Photographer: Tatjana Ingold
Location: Egypt
Great Pyramid
Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid: Till today nobody could exactly explain how the Great Pyramid was built. Are there still secret chambers inside this fascinating building?
Photographer: Tatjana Ingold
Location: Egypt
Indian Mandir Pic
Indian Mandir Pic
In the center of Mandir a Sculpture of Devta who is trying to control something from his both hands.
Photographer: azhar khan
Location: India
Mammy Watta
Mammy Watta
This is one representation of the devil(debil) Mammy Watta, the devil that lives in water in West Africa. People who follow "her" are given what they want. She is also depicted as a mermaid there as well. To look at this i see a space helmet of sorts and it is the only drawing anywhere that i have seen of this devil.
Photographer: Gregg Lyell
Location: Sierrra Leone
Narmer Palette
Narmer Palette
The Narmer Palette, or Great Hierakonpolis Palette, is a significant Egyptian archeological find, dating from about 3200 BC, containing some of the earliest hieroglyphic inscriptions ever found. It is a large (ca. 64 cm), shield-shaped, ceremonial palette, carved from a single piece of flat, soft green schist. Both sides are decorated, carved in raised relief. On the backside there are two strange beeings with extreme long necks looking a little bit like dinosaurs.
Photographer: Tatjana Ingold
Location: Egypt
Imopressions from Nazca by plane
Photographer: Tatjana Ingold
Location: General - no specific country
The Osireion is a megalithic underground construction behind the Temple of Abydos. According to mythology the Head of God Osiris was burried here.
Photographer: Tatjana Ingold
Location: Egypt
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